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Takiya Mason

Get ready to be electrified by Takiya Mason & The Band Of Angels! Their style is a magnificent mix of alternative, soul, rock, and reggae, which will take you on a musical adventure like no other. With every note, they captivate and bring their fans together, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of unity, peace, and love. Brace yourself to be inspired and uplifted because this band absolutely knows how to connect with their audience. Get ready for an amazing musical ride!

Michael Price

American singer-songwriter Michael Price is a Georgia native with a silky smooth voice that embodies the sounds of Otis Redding and Chris Stapleton with the storytelling of John Denver. Louisiana-born and Georgia-raised, Price brings soul, country, R&B and folk genres into his originals that invite you on his journey as a singer-songwriter.

Sarah Nova Band

Sarah Nova has been passionately singing since the tender age of four. Born and raised in Fenton, Michigan, she knew early on that she wanted to hone her skills and take her talents to the next level. Determined to make her dreams a reality, she made the bold decision to move to Atlanta and pursue a career in music.

Drawing inspiration from icons such as Leona Lewis and Linda Ronstadt, Sarah's voice is a unique fusion of power and soul. Her live performances are characterized by her ability to infuse new life into classic songs spanning multiple decades, while staying true to her signature sound. While her niche is diva pop ballads, she enjoys putting her own spin on every song she covers.

Whether she's performing at local venues or recording in the studio, Sarah's love for music shines through in everything she does. With her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, she's poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

Chip McGuire Band

Born in Cebu City, Philippines, Chip was adopted by the McGuire family and traveled the 8,865 miles to his new “home town” of Adairsville Georgia. Here he met his band mates and together they have created a unique style fusing together elements of bluegrass, country, Americana, rock, emo, and folk known as “NuGrass” and/or “DirtEmo”.

Chip continues to write new music and blends everyone’s personal style of playing into something that translates into an electrifyingly energetic sound that is truly original and makes for an explosive live show!

Better By Daylight

Better By Daylight is good old fashioned rock n roll cover band.  Anchored by old Stetson University Law School classmates Bert Reeves (vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica) and Bobby Johnson (bass) - BBD features an almost full band of Cobb County based attorneys.  The band members have all been in the Cobb music scene for decades, playing music in various other bands throughout the years.  Attorneys Joe Murphy (drums) and Sam Britt (guitars) round out the other lawyer members of the band, while Tom Hamlin (guitars) represents the non lawyer people of industry (and therefore is de facto the most sane and tolerable member of the band).  Most band practices are evenly divided with loud rock n roll and debate about pressing legal matters such as the proper usage of the oxford comma.  With a set of rock standards ranging from the Rolling Stones to The Georgia Satellites to Joe Walsh, if you are a fan of Rock N Roll music, you will enjoy every second of the performance of Better By Daylight!

Forever Young

Forever Young is a high energy 80’s tribute band that brings the iconic era of 80s music to life. With their electrifying performances, they transport their audiences back in time to relive the music, fashion and club scenes of the 80s. The band, formed in Marietta Georgia, is passionate about recreating the quintessential sound of the 80s with their unique style and interpretation. Led by Chad Yochum and Kayte Burgess, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary artists of the era, Forever Young captures the essence of 80s music through their powerhouse renditions of popular hits, including "Take on Me" by A-ha, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper, "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran and so many more! In addition to their impressive musical range, Forever Young's stage presence is truly unmatched. From their vibrant costumes to their dynamic dance moves, they are sure to get everyone on their feet dancing and sing along. Forever Young has performed in numerous venues across the region and have thrilled audiences of all ages with their infectious energy and undeniable talent. Forever Young is not just a tribute band, but a visual and sonic celebration of the unforgettable era of 80s music that continues to inspire and entertain generations.